Monday, 28 February 2011


Welcome to the new Decorative Fair blog! We're currently organising a very exciting Decorative Fair and we'd love you all to come along!

As a lover of all things decorative and vintage, I thought what better way to get to meet lots of great exhibitors than to organise a decorative fair! Me and my mum Liz love going to lots of different fairs but there seemed to be a lack of any such event in the Stratford area. 

In fact I'm more used to seeing the selling side especially with my Mum selling beautiful decorative furniture, cushions and other vintage goodies. Having grown up being surronded by armoires and tiole cushions I don't think there's anyway I couldn't like all things french and vintage!

Check our blog regularly to find out news of future events, info on past events or just for an update on all things decorative!  

P.S you can also see lots of lovely furniture on  my Mum's stand at the Barn Antiques or she's in the April edition of The English Home magazine (very exciting!). 

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